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Case studies

Read a selection of Presdo Match's many success stories.

Pacific Telecommunications Council

The Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) continues to use Presdo Match for its ease of use, user friendly and intuitive interface and the many networking benefits that it provides to event attendees at the annual conference. At the recent conference Capacity, Capability, Collaboration, Presdo Match was especially successful at fostering communications while protecting personal contact information for the mostly executive level attendees.

PTC also benefitted from Social Invites with 21 new attendees and an estimated $16,275 in additional revenue, which by far covered the cost of using Presdo Match.

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American Wind Energy Association

AWEA achieved results using Presdo Match to increase community engagement and reach through the system’s easy-to-use Social Invites and social media sharing features. Results included over 80% of attendees having profiles and 46 new attributable (paid) attendees who were not previously in the expo’s database.

Their success on the initial outing was enough to convince them to use Presdo Match for the next annual exhibition as well as four different, smaller events.

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Society of Petroleum Engineers

The Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) is the organization’s flagship event. It is held every October, and more than 10,000 participants attend ATCE every year.

SPE has been using Presdo Match for the last couple years and loves the system and its results. Attendees and exhibitors have successfully used the system to find each other and set appointments—both before the show and on event site—in real time using their mobile devices.

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To deliver on improved networking for attendees, LeWeb selected Presdo Match for its ease-of-use, ability to capture rich attendee profiles from LinkedIn, and the ability to coordinate one-on-one meetings.

Results include over almost 4,000 conversations and meetings, and traffic to Presdo Match of more than 151,000 page views.

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